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Onyx logoHello and welcome to The Tickle Trunk blog. This is the first and best place to find out more information and sneak a peek at the people, product and places of Onyx Containers.

The Tickle Trunk was built for everyday consumers like you to be able to come here and shop for Onyx Containers online, without being confused as wholesalers or having to pay another retailer’s inflated prices on these high quality goods. Here at Onyx, we believe that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank.

We spent a great deal of time researching plastic alternatives and found that the few choices out there are either low quality or too expensive. The products that we carry are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions and affordably priced.

We use all of the products that we sell ourselves. We have found that high quality food grade stainless steel is the best option for fluid bottles, sealable containers, cups, bowls etc. for it’s durability, food safety and versatility ie. freezer to stove/oven. We are probably best known for our retro ice cube trays and stainless steel popsicle molds, but we are always experimenting with new designs and encourage the public to submit any interesting ideas they might have for new products we could develop together. Let us know if there is something that you think should be made in stainless steel. If we like your idea we’ll build it and could be sending you samples for testing!

Right now Onyx Containers is the best choice for stainless steel kitchenware. The company makes airtight glass – stainless steel containers, steel bottles and bowls, canisters and cutlery, food mills, ice cube trays, steel ice cubes, popsicle molds, lunch containers, mugs & tumblers, steel plates, straws and some other miscellaneous items.

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